Dr. Williams, Kelting Professor of Nursing, is a Genetics Nurse Specialist and is a
PNP and a Genetic Counselor. She is the Director of the Clinical Genetics Nursing
Research Postdoctoral Fellowship program, funded by the National Institute of Nursing
Research (NINR). 

Her research is funded by institutional grants, NINR, HRSA, and the Hi Q Foundation. It
focuses on the psychosocial impact of genetic testing on individuals and families, and
family caregiving for persons with Huntington disease. Dr. Williams also conducts
research on genetic discrimination. Current research projects also include communication
with health care providers and families regarding statewide newborn screening programs,
and the development of a work function measure for people with prediagnosed Huntington
Disease. She is the past president of the International Society of Nurses in Genetics and
is a consultant on numerous national and international projects to promote education and
practice of nurses regarding genetics. 

PhD in Educational Psychology, The University of Iowa MA, PNP in Nursing of Children, The
University of Iowa BSN, The University of Iowa Diploma in Nursing, Iowa Methodist School
of Nursing 



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