Jane E. Fountain is Distinguished Professor of Political Science and Public Policy
at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Previously, she served for 16 years on the
faculty of the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Professor
Fountain is the founder and Director of the National Center for Digital Government and
the Science, Technology and Society Initiative, both based at UMass Amherst. 

Papers posted here are those available through UMass'ScholarWorks. Please visit Dr.
Fountain's personal website for a complete list of publications and presentations:

Governance and Technology


On the Effects of e-Government on Political Institutions, Routledge Handbook of Science, Technology and Society (2014)

Research on e-government typically focuses on disruptive technologies and their presumed transformational effects on government....



Enhancing Information Services through Public-Private Partnerships: Information Technology Knowledge Transfer underlying Structures to Develop Shared Services in the U.S. and Korea (with Seok-Jin Eom), E-Government Success Around the World (2013)

What are e-government success factors for using public-private partnerships to enhance learning and capacity development?...



Technological Change as a Variable in State Development, Distinguished Faculty Lecture Series at the University of Massachusetts Amherst (2012)

Distinguished Faculty Lecture Series - Talk on the role that the internet and social media...



E-Government and National Development - Keynote Address, Conference on eGovernment in Asia and the Pacific, United Nations Program on Governance (2011)

Keynote address at the Conference on eGovernment in Asia and the Pacific in Seoul Korea...



Disjointed Innovation: The Political Economy of Digitally Mediated Institutional Reform (2011)

Current attention to social media and governance has focused on the enactment of networked communication...


Public Organizations and Management


Implementing Cross-Agency Collaboration: A Guide for Federal Managers with Dr. Jane Fountain, IBM Center for the Business of Government (2013)

Radio interview with Michael J. Keegan on The Business of Government Hour on the topic...



In Depth With Francis Rose, Federal News Radio (2013)

Radio interview with Francis Rose of Federal News Radio on research regarding cross-agency collaboration.




GPRA Modernization Act of 2010: Examining Constraints to, and Providing Tools for, Cross-Agency Collaboration, Administrative Conference of the United States (2013)

Cross-agency collaboration is widely viewed as a powerful means for government reform and performance improvement....



The Future of Government: Lessons Learned from around the World (with Guido Bertucci, Gregory G. Curtin, Yuri E. Hohlov, Katju Holkeri, Yasar Jarrar, James Kang, Bruno Lanvin, Beth Simone Noveck, Toshio Obi, Haiyan Qian, Ohood Roumi, Larry Stone, and Aleem Walji), World Economic Forum (2011)

Governments around the world are faced with new demands, new expectations and a fast-growing array...



The Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market: Creating a 21st Century Public Agency (with Raquel Galindo-Dorado and Jeffrey Rothschild), National Center for Digital Government Working Paper Series (2010)

(first paragraph) President Wubbo de Boer and his department directors, his top management team, prepared...


Women and Technology


Constructing the information society: women, information technology, and design, Technology in Society (2000)

For the first time in history, women have the opportunity to play a major and...


Science, Technology and Society


Nanotechnology and Society: Emerging Organizations, Oversight and Public Policy Systems (with Sarah Keister and Goncalves Michelle) (2011)

This report summarizes key points of a National Science Foundation supported national workshop, “Nanotechnology &...



Expanding Ethics Education in Science & Engineering, Ethics in Science and Engineering National Clearinghouse (2010)

This presentation was part of the AAAS Annual Conference professional development workshop, National Science Foundation...



Ethics in Science and Engineering: Redefining Tools and Resources (with Goncalves Michelle, Adamick Jessica, and Billings Marilyn), University of Massachusetts Amherst Science, Technology and Society Initiative (2010)

The leaders of the ESENCe beta site project organized

a national workshop, “Ethics in Science...