My primary interests are in Russian and Soviet popular culture and cultural history;
comparative studies in revolutions and commemoration; international law and legal
frameworks; cultural studies. My most recent project is Seventeen Moments in Soviet
History, a website featuring archival video, music and audio, and texts from Soviet
history. I am also the author of Bolshevik Festivals, 1917-1920 and two anthologies, Mass
Culture in Soviet Russia and Entertaining Tsarist Russia. 

My current interests lie in international law and human rights. In this capacity, I
represent asylum petitioners on a pro bono basis in the federal immigration court in
Bloomington, MN. 

EDUCATION: B.A., Tufts University; M.A., PhD Brown University; J.D., University of

Professor Von Geldern has been teaching at Macalester since 1988. 



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Contributions to Books

Memory as the Anchor of Sovereignty: Katyn and the Charge of Genocide, Rites of place : public commemoration in Russia and Eastern Europe (2013)


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