Dr. Swezey’s first teaching experiences came as a combat survival instructor for the
US Air Force. His teaching duties took him across the country, including a summer
semester at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. After finishing his military
commitment, he followed God’s leading into K-12 education earning a degree in Biblical
Studies and a secondary teaching certificate in history. He taught world history in both
public and Christian school settings, and Bible and student government in a Christian
high school in California. He earned a master’s degree in School Administration at
Columbia International University and accepted a position as principal at a PS2-8
Christian school. After completing a doctorate in educational leadership at George Fox
University, the Lord provided teaching opportunities at George Fox University and then
Regent University where he was able to pursue his passion for teaching and conducting
much needed research into the effectiveness of Christian school programs. He has
published several qualitative research studies in a variety of peer-reviewed journals on
an assortment of topics. After four years of teaching at Regent, he joined the faculty at
Liberty University in 2011 where he teaches foundations and educational leadership
courses at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. 



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