Dr. James Stephens has twenty-five years of healthcare corporate executive career
experience, including eighteen years as a president and CEO for large medical centers and
health systems. He is a professional educator with a strong application of business
knowledge and higher education teaching experience focused in the development of an
integrated educational process for both Masters and Doctoral level students. His teaching
philosophy is to facilitate a learning environment where critical thinking occurs, to
create stimulation of new information to gain different insights, and to obtain
intellectual competence. Dr. Stephens is a Board Certified Healthcare Executive and a
Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives. 

Refereed Publications and Proceedings

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Primary care coverage for the uninsured is the first necessary step to reform and can...



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This article investigates the childhood asthma in Georgia compared with the combined data of the...



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Book Chapter Publication


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Referred Monographs

Poster Presentations

Evaluation of Drive Alive: A Program to Increase Seat Belt Use Among High Risk Teens in Rural Georgia (with Katie Burkett), Jiann-Pinn Hsu College of Public Health Capestone Research Forum,Statesboro, Georgia (2009)

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Scholarly Presentations

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Objective:This article investigates the childhood asthma in Georgia comparing with the other states together based...