Dr. Jacqueline Kelleher began teaching in the Isabelle Farrington College of
Education at Sacred Heart University in January 2010. She brings over fifteen years
experience in public schools and university settings in the areas related to special
education policy, learning strategies, classroom and large scale assessment, measurement,
evaluation, instructional design, service learning pedagogy, and autism program

Before coming to SHU, Dr. Kelleher served as a state education consultant with the
Connecticut State Department of Education, specializing in the areas of autism and
general supervision monitoring of 170 local education agencies. Previous employment has
included Director of Education with the Beginning with Children Foundation in New York
City, Executive Director of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning at Western
Oregon University, and Assistant Dean of the Neag School of Education at The University
of Connecticut. 

Dr. Kelleher has led dozens of evaluation studies and comprehensive needs assessments for
and with K-12 districts and nonprofit organizations across the country as a consultant or
as part of her service commitment to the field. Clients have included the National
Science Foundation among others. 

Her outreach activities include serving as an NCATE National Board Examiner, Connecticut
Autism Advisory Council committee leader, and external advisory board advisor to the
Connecticut Center of Excellence on Autism Research and Training at Southern Connecticut
State University. 

Along with her partner of twenty years, Dan Comeau, Dr. Kelleher is the parent of four,
including identical twins with autism. The family enjoys filmmaking, performing as an
acoustic band for state functions, and providing outreach to other families facing
similar joys and challenges raising children with disabilities. 

Now at SHU, Dr. Kelleher will continue her research in the following areas:
Asperger's Syndrome, special education policy, service learning pedagogy, instrument
design for measuring professional development impact, assessment literacy, and innovative
learning strategies, including musical mnemonics for facilitating long and short-term

Degrees: Masters in Education with an emphasis on Special Education; Doctorate in
Educational Psychology with a concentration in Measurement, Evaluation, and Assessment.



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