I graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1995 and qualified as an
advocate and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore the following year. After
practising for about six years as a litigator with a Singapore law firm, I took up
postgraduate studies at University College London on a British Chevening Scholarship and
was conferred an LLM in 2003. I then returned to Singapore and worked as an Assistant
Director for the Singapore Academy of Law, a professional association of judges, lawyers,
government legal officers and law academics. I completed my PhD studies at the University
of Birmingham, United Kingdom, in January 2012. My doctoral research examined the
interpretation of bills of rights from a comparative law perspective. 

I presently teach constitutional and administrative law at the School of Law, Singapore
Management University, and research administrative law, constitutional law, human rights
law, and cultural property and heritage law. 

1. Interpretation of Constitutions and Bills of Rights


According to the Spirit and not to the Letter: Proportionality and the Singapore Constitution, Vienna Journal on International Constitutional Law (2014)

When interpreting the fundamental liberties in the Singapore Constitution, courts presently do not engage in...



An Articulate Silence: The Interpretation and Construction of Taciturn Bills of Rights (2011)

Taciturn bills of rights and constitutions – texts that express concepts at high levels of...



The Text through Time, Statute Law Review (2010)

The text of a written constitution or bill of rights is prone to 'drift' or...



When the Text Runs Out: The Role of the Court in Constitutional Construction, 7th Asian Law Institute Conference (2010)

Constitutions in Westminster-style legal systems in Asia such as India, Malaysia and Singapore feature bills...


2. Constitutional and Human Rights Law


Hougang By-election Case: What Court Decision on By-election Reveals, Today (2013)

The Singapore Court of Appeal’s judgment in Vellama d/o Marie Muthu v Attorney-General [2013] SGCA...



Shall the Twain Never Meet? Competing Narratives and Discourses of the Rule of Law in Singapore, Singapore Journal of Legal Studies (2012)

This article aims to assess the role played by the rule of law in discourse...



The Past, Present and Future of the Internal Security Act, Singapore Management University School of Law Opinion Series (2012)

Assistant Professor Jack Tsen-Ta Lee, who teaches and researches constitutional and administrative law at the...



Reforming the Right to Legal Counsel in Singapore, Singapore Management University School of Law Opinion Series (2012)

This is an opinion prepared for the Criminal Law Committee of the Law Society of...



A Legal Backgrounder on By-elections, Singapore Management University School of Law Opinion Series (2012)

The expulsion of Yaw Shin Leong, the Member of Parliament for Hougang Single Member Constituency,...


3. Law of Cultural Property and Heritage


A Presence of the Past: The Legal Protection of Singapore’s Archaeological Heritage, International Journal of Cultural Property (2013)

Singapore is not well known for its archaeological heritage. In fact, chance finds in the...


Asean Must Act to Save Cultural Objects, The Straits Times (2009)


Treaties, Time Limits and Treasure Trove: The Legal Protection of Cultural Objects in Singapore, Art, Antiquity & Law (2004)

This article considers the extent to which civil and criminal law in Singapore deters the...


4. Other Subjects


Teaching Law in the University – Shaping Future Generations, The Practice of Law (2011)

This paper, which was written for the book The Practice of Law (Singapore: LexisNexis, 2011),...



Fix Shortcomings of Children and Young Persons Act, The Straits Times (2011)

THE Straits Times reported last Wednesday that in a divorce case currently before the court,...



Law Does Recognise Biological Dad, The Straits Times (2010)

Referring to last Thursday's commentary by Andy Ho ('Managing legal uncertainty in sperm donation'), Assistant...



IVF Mix-up Raises Vexing Legal Issues, The Straits Times (2010)

Assistant Professor of Law Jack Lee raises several issues in the recent incident involving the...



Upkeep: What if a Will Excludes Parents?, The Straits Times (2010)

In light of a recent High Court case, which involved a tussle between the mother...


No subject area


Using the Wikimedia Commons (with Maximilian Klein), Demystifying Wikipedia: Tips for Information Literacy (2013)

What is the Wikimedia Commons?

How do I...

  • Find files
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Using Wikipedia as a Teaching Tool, Demystifying Wikipedia: Tips for Information Literacy (2013)

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We Built This City: Public Participation in Land Use Decisions in Singapore, Research Collection School Of Law (SMU Access Only) (2013)

This paper considers the extent to which the legal framework for making land use decisions...


Changing System Not the Answer, The Straits Times (2013)

SMU Assistant Professor of Law Jack Lee responded to Dr Ker Sin Tze’s proposal ("Picking...