Jack G. Montgomery was born in Columbia, South Carolina in 1953. He earned his B.A.
from the University of South Carolina and MLS at the University of Maryland–College Park.
He has worked as a librarian in Virginia, Ohio, Missouri and Kentucky where he is a
Professor and Collection Services Coordinator at Western Kentucky University. 

As an author, he co-authored "Conflict Management for Libraries: a strategy for a
positive, productive workplace" in 2004, and authored "American shamans:
journeys with traditional healers" in 2008. Jack has written numerous professional
articles, book chapters and writes regular columns for Against the Grain magazine. He
also writes short articles, interviews and music reviews for the regional entertainment
newsapaper "The Amplifier." 

As a librarian, Jack has been professionally speaking at ALA, KLA, AALL, Charleston
Conference and regional library meetings since 1989. He also gives workshops on emotional
intelligence, change and conflict management as a paid consultant. 

He has also been a professional musician since 1969 and plays guitar, bass, harmonica,
and Appalachian dulcimer. He released his first musical CD in 2002 entitled “Onward to
Avalon,” followed by “Everywhere I Look” in 2004,“Tradition with a Twist” in 2008. His
fourth CD entitled "Watersprite," was released in 2011. Jack perfoms solo and
with the band “Watersprite” at local festivals in Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, South
Carolina, Tennessee, and their music has been featured on several college, international
and Internet radio stations. 



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Onward to Avalon is a solo recording by Jack Montgomery of Shadowdancer.