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Biographical sketch: Education: PhD. (1998), Economics, University of Birmingham,
England. M.So.C. (1994), International Economics, University of Birmingham, England. BA
(1990), Economics, Universidad de Valencia, Spain. 

Academic Positions: 

Invited Professor of Economics, University of Göttingen, Germany, 2006-present. Professor
of Economics, Universidad Jaime I, Spain, 2012-present. Associate Professor of Economics,
Universidad Jaime I, Spain,2003-2011. Assistant Professor of Economics, Universidad Jaime
I, Spain,1998-2003. Researcher in the Instituto de Economía Internacional, Spain,
1995-present. Lecturer of Economics, Universidad Jaime I, Spain, 1991-1998. 



Are RTA Agreements with Environmental Provisions Reducing Emissions? (with Leila Baghdadi and Habib Zitouna), Journal of International Economics (2013)

This paper investigates whether RTAs with environmental provisions affect relative and absolute pollution levels. In...



Does Foreign Aid Promote Recipient Exports to Donor Countries (with Felicitas Nowak-Lehmann D.), Review of World Economics (2013)

This paper uses the gravity model of trade to investigate the effect of foreign aid...



The price of modern maritime piracy (with Sami Bensassi), Defence and Peace Economics (2013)

A growing body of literature has recently focused on the economic origins and consequences of...



Determinants of maritime transport costs - a panel data analysis (with Gordon Wilmsmeier), Transportation Planning and Technology (2010)

This paper analyses the determinants of maritime transport costs for intra-Latin American trade over a...



Maritime Networks, Services Structure and Maritime Trade (with Gordon Wilmsmeier, Eva Pérez-García, and Laura M´qrquez-Ramos), Networks and Spatial Economics (2010)

This paper aims at investigating the relationship between maritime trade and maritime transport costs at...


Contributions to Books

Exchange Rate Volatility, Euro Effect and the Two Margins of Trade: Evidence from Monthly Trade Data (with Florian Johannsen), Globalization: Strategies and Effects (2013)

The aim of this paper is to provide further evidence of the effect of exchange...


Competitiveness: A Comparison of China and Mexico (with Felicitas Nowak-Lehman D. and Sebastian Vollmer), Dimensions of Competitiveness (2010)


EU-ACP ECONOMIC PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENTS (with Sebastian Vollmer, Nils Klann, and Felicitas Nowak-Lehmann D.), World Development Report 2009-Development in 3D: Density, Distance, Division (2009)

We estimate the welfare effects of the Economic Partnership Agreements between the EU and nine...


Unpublished Papers


Gravity of Arms (with Florian Johannsen), Ibero-America Institute for Economic Research (2014)

The main aim of this paper is to investigate the political determinants of international arms...



FOREIGN AID, EXPORTS AND DEVELOPMENT IN EUROMED (with Felicitas Nowak-Lehmann and Florian Johannsen), Ibero-America Institute for Economic Research (2012)

This paper investigates the link between foreign aid and exports between the two shores of...



International Migration and Climate Change, Ibero-America Institute for Economic Research (2012)

This paper uses international migration data and climate variables in a multi-country setting to investigate...



Bilateral Trade Flows and Income-Distribution Similarity (with Sebastian Vollmer), Working Papers on International Economics and Finance (2011)

This paper accounts for non-homothetic preferences by specifically investigating the role of income per capita...



CEECs Integration into Regional and Global Production Networks (with Anca Voicu and Martina Vidovic) (2011)

We estimate a gravity model that incorporates the extensive margin of trade and accounts for...