Introduction: The Future of Chapter 11: A Symposium Cosponsored by the American College of Bankruptcy, Boston College Law Review (2005)

Professor Ingrid Michelsen Hillinger offers introductory remarks to the Symposium: The Future of Chapter 11,...



The Story of YMPs ("Yield Maintenance Premiums") in Bankruptcy (with Michael G. Hillinger), DePaul Business and Commercial Law Journal (2005)

This article tries to tell the story of YMPs in bankruptcy. It is not an...



Environmental Affairs in Bankruptcy: 2004 (with Michael G. Hillinger), American Bankruptcy Institute Law Review (2004)

During the 1930s, it was said that Germany's situation was serious but not hopeless whereas...



The Latest Developments in Article 9 (with Mark Leipold and Margit Livingston), Depaul Business and Commercial Law Journal (2004)

This is an edited version of the transcript from second panel at the DePaul Business...



Deposit Accounts Under the New World Order (with David Line Batty and Richard K. Brown), North Carolina Banking Institute (2002)

The new world is upon us. Repent. Revised Article 9 is the law in every...



John Levy - Friend, Mentor and Inspiration, William and Mary Law Review (2001)


2001: A Code Odyssey (New Dawn for the Article 9 Secured Creditor) (with Michael G. Hillinger), Commercial Law Journal (2001)

Revised Article 9 was promulgated in 1998 with an effective date of July 1, 2001....

Asset Protection Devices: Twyne's Case Retold (with Claudia Tobler), Journal of Bankruptcy Law and Practice (1999)


Section 365 in the Consumer Context: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue (with Michael G. Hillinger), Commercial Law Journal (1999)

In 1991, Michael Andrew cheerfully observed that executor contract law had become “a hopelessly convoluted...



The Treatment of Consignments in Bankruptcy: Two Codes and their Fictions, At Play, In the Fields, Bankruptcy Developments Journal (1989)

Once upon a time, a long time ago (and certainly before there was a Commercial...



The Article 2 Merchant Rules: Karl Llewellyn's Attempt to Achieve the Good, the True, the Beautiful in Commercial Law, Georgetown Law Journal (1985)

This article demonstrates that the Article 2 merchant rules were never intended to codify merchant...



UCC and ME in Process, Colonial Lawyer (1984)


The Merchant of Section 2-314: Who Needs Him?, Hastings Law Journal (1983)

This Article seeks to understand and evaluate section 2-314's merchant distinction, examining it from a...



Equitable Distribution: Virginia Code Section 20-107 (with Sharon A. Henderson and David A. Glazer), Virginia Bar Association Journal (1982)

In Virginia traditional alimony was the only form of recompense allowed to a divorced spouse...



Meet the New Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court, University of Richmond Law Review (1982)

Without trumpet or even modest fanfare, the 1981 Virginia General Assembly passed two new subsections...




Commercial Transactions: Secured Financing: Cases, Materials, Problems (with Raymond T. Nimmer and Michael G. Hillinger) (2003)

Accompanied by Commercial Transactions: Secured Financing: Cases, Materials, Problems, 3rd ed. Teacher's Manual, by Nimmer,...



Commercial Transactions: Secured Financing: Cases, Materials, Problems (with Raymond T. Nimmer and Michael G. Hillinger) (1999)

Accompanied by Commercial Transactions: Secured Financing: Cases, Materials, Problems, 2nd ed. Teacher's Manual, by Nimmer,...



Chapter 11 Theory and Practice: A Guide to Reorganization (with Honorable James F. Queenan Jr. and Philip J. Hendel) (1994)

Contributions to Books


Consumer Protection Rules In and Around the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA) (with Michael G. Hillinger and Diane N. Rallis), Understanding Electronic Contracting: UCITA, E-Signature, Federal, State and Foreign Regulations (2001)


Consulting Editor: Selected Law Cases, 1784-1800, The Papers of John Marshall (1987)


The Article 9 Filing Rules: Certainty, By No Means, A 'Sure Thing', Secured Transactions under the Uniform Commercial Code (1987)

Works in Progress

Selected Professional Activities

How Ideas Turn into Law: ABI Review Commission; Bankruptcy Code at 30; Sausage-Making 101, American Bankruptcy Institute Northeast Bankruptcy Conference 2014 (2014)
Panelist, The Present State of Legal Education, Concord Academy Reuniuon Weekend (2014)

Discussion of trends in legal education, experiential learning, and why the costs of legal education...

Moderator, Federal Oversight: When Is It Helpful?, Is the Uniform Commercial Code Still Relevant?; New England Law School (2014)
Presentation on Advisory Committee Report, American Bankruptcy Institute Chapter 11 Review Commission (2014)

Presentation and questioning concerning Advisory Committee Report.

Please Take Your Collateral: The Meaning of Surrender, New York Bankruptcy Bar Association (2013)
Get Ready for the Amendments to Revised Article 9 (with Edwin E. Smith), Pennsylvania Continuing Legal Education (2013)

Revised Article 9, effective in 2001, has created problem spots. The 2012 Amendments, effective in...

Panelist, International Commercial Transactions: Sales of Goods and Cross-Border Financing, Center for Business Law Conference (2013)

Professor Hillinger discussed the issues and risks posed by cross-border lending as a panelist at...

The Problem with Surrender under 1325 (of the Bankruptcy Code), Federal Judicial Center Bankruptcy Judges Workshop (2012)

What can courts or debtors' attorneys do when a debtor surrenders collateral in full satisfaction...

Ponzi Schemes and Preference Law, American Bankruptcy Institute Northeastern Conference (2012)

Why application of preference law fails to achieve bankruptcy's "equality is equity" goal.

What To Do About Surrender, American Bankruptcy Institute Northeastern Conference (2012)

Judge Michael Deasy and I led a "fireside chat" about the problems with a debtor's...

Discussion Leader, Southern District of Florida Bankruptcy Bar Association Retreat, S.D. Florida Bankruptcy Bar Association (2012)

Faculty are assigned 15 different problems involving 15 different bankruptcy issues. Each faculty member leads...

Conference Organizer, Valuation in Bankruptcy, First Circuit Fellows of the American College of Bankruptcy (2012)
Is the Code Exploding or Imploding?, New England School of Law and Massachusetts Bar Association (2012)
Turnover of Checks Honored Postpetition; The Treatment of Social Security in Chapter 13 Plans, National Workshop for Bankruptcy Judges (2011)

Can a chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee recapture funds paid from the debtor's bank account postpetition?...

Out of Class Feedback, AALS Annual Meeting - Presidential Program - Teaching Excellence (2011)
Conference Organizer, Anatomy of a Distressed Business, American College of Bankruptcy & Boston College Law School (2010)

This was a student/new associate conference open to all in the First Circuit. Over 120...

2010 Supreme Court Review, Northeast American Bankruptcy Institute Conference (2010)
Important Bankruptcy-Article 9 Issues, Annual American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI) Meeting (2010)
What Bankers Need to Know About Articles 3 and 4 of the UCC, Massachusetts Bankers Association (2009)

Lectured bankers for 3 hours on key concepts and legal rules governing checks and the...

Intersection of Revised Article 9 of the UCC with Bankruptcy Code, Thirty-first Annual Seminar on Bankruptcy Law and Rules (2005)
Landlord and Tenant, Thirty-first Annual Seminar on Bankruptcy Law and Rules (2005)
Participated in the "Symposium on the Future of Chapter 11", American College of Bankruptcy and the Boston College Law Review (2005)
Symposium on the Future of Chapter 11, American College of Bankruptcy and the Boston College Law Review (2005)