Dr Heather Winskel BSc(Hons)(US), GradDipLangSt(WAust), DipEd(UWA), PhD(UD) 

Dr Heather Winskel’s main areas of research are in the areas of language acquisition and
reading research, particularly in the languages of Southeast Asia. She also has an
interest in developmental and cross-cultural psychology. Traditionally, research has
focused on Indo-European languages and yet Asian languages and their writing systems have
distinctive, very interesting and useful characteristics for future psycholinguistic
research. By including these lesser studied languages, we can build more comprehensive
and representative universal models of psycholinguistic mechanisms and processes. Dr
Winskel has built up a number of collaborations with international colleagues in Europe,
North America, and Asia. Dr Heather Winskel’s research and teaching are mainly in the
areas of cognitive, developmental and cross-cultural psychology. She is currently
teaching undergraduate units in developmental and cross cultural Psychology at the Coffs
Harbour campus. 


South and Southeast Asian psycholinguistics (with Prakash Padakannaya), (2014)

Book Chapters

Introduction, South and Southeast Asian Psycholinguistics (2014)

Learning to read and write in Malaysian/Indonesian: a transparent alphabetic orthography (with L W. Lee), South and Southeast Asian Psycholinguistics (2014)

Eye movements when reading spaced and unspaced Thai and English: a comparison of Thai- English bilinguals and English monolinguals (with R Radach and S Luksaneeyanawin), Human communication science: a compendium (2011)

Journal articles


Can parafoveal-on-foveal effects be obtained when reading an unspaced alphasyllabic script (Thai)? (with Manuel Perea), Writing Systems Research (2014)

One controversial question in the field of eye movements and reading is whether there is...



Does tonal information affect the early stages of visual-word processing in Thai? (with Manuel Perea), The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology (2014)

Thai offers a unique opportunity to investigate the role of lexical tone processing during visual-word...



Consonant/vowel asymmetries in letter position coding during normal reading: evidence from parafoveal previews in Thai (with Manuel Perea), Journal of Cognitive Psychology (2013)

Studies have revealed that consonants and vowels serve different roles during linguistic processing. Masked transposed-letter...



Developmental milestone expectations, parenting styles and self construal in Malaysian and Australian caregivers (with Khazriyati Salehuddin and Jaime Stanbury), Kajian Malaysia (2013)

The study examined the developmental milestone expectations, parenting style, self construal of Malaysian and Anglo-Australian...



Developmental patterns in Malay shape-based numeral classifier comprehension (with Khazriyati Salehuddin and Imran Ho Abdullah), Social Sciences & Humanities (2013)

Numeral classifier system is an instance of linguistic device for categorisation, a cognitive process that...


Conference publications

Eye movements and reading and what it can reveal about consonant and vowel processing, International Conference on Recent Advances in Cognitive Science (2010)

Eye tracking technology: its scope and limitations in reading, Global Summit, The National Academy of Psychology (NAOP) (2010)

Object categorisation into Malay shape-based numeral classifiers (with Khazriyati Salehuddin), ASEAN RegionalUunion of Psychological Societies 3rd congress (2010)

Socialization and enculturation of the child through caretaker-child interactions, ASEAN Regional Union of Psychological Societies 3rd Congress 2010 (2010)

An investigation into Malay numeral classifier acquisition through a matching comprehension task (with Khazriyati Salehuddin), Australian Human Development Association Biennial Conference (2009)

Reports, presentations, workshops

An introduction to eye tracking technology and its applications, Colloquium for Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (2010)

Reading and spelling in Thai children, Workshop on Reading Difficulties in Children Learning Asian Languages: 6th International Conference of Cognitive Science (ICCS ‘08) (2008)

Eye movements and reading research across different orthographies, School of Psychology Colloquium, National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore, July 2007 (2007)

Reading research on Indonesian and Thai, School of Psychology Colloquium, National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore, July 2007 (2007)