Dr. Miller-Kuhaneck's professional interests: Pediatric occupational therapy
with a specialty in autism and sensory integration; Working with families and siblings of
children with autism. 

Degrees: Ph.D., Public Health, University of Connecticut; MS, Occupational Therapy; BS,
Occupational Therapy. 

Teaching responsibilities: Pediatrics in Occupational Therapy; Introduction to
Occupational Therapy; Introduction to Research and Research II; Special Topics in
Occupational Therapy; Portfolio II, Capstone Advising. 

Research Interests & Grants: Autism; Coping and self efficacy of mothers of children
with autism; Play in children with autism; Professional involvement and mentoring;
Assessment of sensory processing in the schools and intervention to improve sensory
environments for students. 

2012: University Research and Creativity Grant - Development of the Classroom Sensory
Environment Assessment (C-SEA); 2011: Dean’s Interdisciplinary Research Award - Efficacy
of Whole Body Vibration in Autism Spectrum Disorders; 2010-2011: Academic Creative
Teaching Grant -for attendance at the Summer Teaching and Learning Institute at the
Center for Occupational Therapy Education at Colorado State University. 

Honors, Awards & Fellowship: • Alice S. Bachmann Clinician Award, February 24, 2012 •
Award of Service -Connecticut Occupational Therapy Association, March 12, 2011 • Fellow
of the American Occupational Therapy Association, April 2010 • Certificate of
Appreciation -Connecticut Occupational Therapy Association, 2010 • Award of Merit,
Connecticut Occupational Therapy Association, March 2009 • Recognition of Achievement
Award, American Occupational Therapy Association, April 2008 



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