Dean Krent graduated from Princeton University and received his law degree from New
York University School of Law, where he served as notes editor of the Law Review and
garnered several awards for excellence in writing. 

Dean Krent clerked for the Honorable William H. Timbers of the U.S. Court of Appeals for
the Second Circuit and then worked in the Department of Justice for the Appellate Staff
of the Civil Division, writing briefs and arguing cases in various courts of appeals
across the nation. He has been teaching full-time since 1987 and has focused his
scholarship on legal aspects of individuals’ interaction with the government. His 2005
book, Presidential Powers, is a comprehensive examination of the president's role as
defined by the U.S. Constitution and judicial and historical precedents. 

In addition, Dean Krent has served as a consultant to the Administrative Conference of
the United States. He has also litigated numerous cases with students on behalf of
indigent prisoners. 

Dean Krent joined the Chicago-Kent faculty in 1994. He was appointed associate dean in
1997 and interim dean in 2002 before assuming the deanship on January 1, 2003. 



Retroactivity and Crack Sentencing Reform, University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform (2013)


Federal Power, Non-Federal Actors: The Ramifications of Free Enterprise Fund, Fordham Law Review (2011)

In Free Enterprise Fund v. Public Company Accounting Oversight Board the Supreme Court invalidated Congress’s...



Contributions to Books

The Legacy of In re Neagle, Then & Now: Stories of Law and Progress (2013)
Pardoning Power, Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court of the United States (2008)
Regulating Data Stored Online in the United States, When Worlds Collide: Intellectual Property, High Technology and the Law (2008)
United States v. Nixon, 418 U.S. 683 (1974), Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court of the United States (2008)
Ancillary Issues Concerning Agency Explanations, A Guide to Judicial and Political Review of Federal Agencies (2005)