pricing and timing


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We present a model of timing of seasonal sales where stores choose several designs at...


processing information in organizations


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This paper analyzes organizational structures that minimize information processing costs for a specific organizational task....



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This paper examines implications of complexity cost in implementing repeated game strategies through networks with...


making decisions in organizations


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This article reviews recent developments in the theory of committee decision-making. A committee consists of...



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A model of delegation and expertise is presented, with self-interested and privately-informed decisionmakers and experts....



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Committees improve decisions by pooling independent information of members, but promote manipulation, obfuscation, and exaggeration...



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A free-rider problem arises in a group when a public decision between two alternatives must...


delaying information aggregation


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We provide a welfare analysis of optimal deadline in a repeated negotiation game in which...



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We study a model of collective decision making in which divergent preferences of the agents...


matching and pricing


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We study how matchmakers use prices to sort heterogeneous participants into competing matching markets, and...



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This paper considers the problem of a monopoly matchmaker that uses a schedule of entrance...


matching and timing


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We consider a two-sided, finite-horizon model of search and matching with heterogeneous types and complementarity...



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In labor markets for entry-level professionals and in other related markets, job applicants' concern for...



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In an assignment market with uncertainty regarding productive ability of participants, early contracting can occur...



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We use a two-period matching model with initial uncertainty about productivities of participants to analyze...




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A candidate has private information about her own quality and about her rival's quality. She...



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This paper considers a model of a rating agency with multiple clients. ach client has...



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When employers cannot tell whether a school truly has many good students or just gives...




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Though individuals prefer to join groups with high quality peers, there are also advantages from...



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Though individuals prefer to join groups with high quality peers, there are advantages to being...


designing contracts


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In this paper we introduce the model of delegation mechanisms under limited commitment. A privately...



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In a dynamic model of sports competition, we show that when spectators care only about...



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We present a model of price discrimination where a monopolist faces consumers with unitary demands...