Hans Henrik Lidgard is professor of Private Law at the University of Lund, Sweden
specialising in Innovation Market related problems. He has been a founder and practicing
attorney in Advokatfirman Vinge and subsequently worked with legal and strategic matters
on a European level within the Pharmacia (now Pfizer) organisation. His legal writing is
focused on European competition law and intellectual property rights. 



Application of Article 82 EC to abusive exclusionary conduct – Refusal to supply or to license, Europarättslig Tidskrift (2009)

Departing from fundamental concepts, this paper briefly recaps the case-law development with respect to refusal...



TRIPS and Technology Transfer, Europarättslig tidskrift (2009)


Embracing price discrimination: TRIPS and the suppression of parallel trade in pharmaceuticals (with Jeffery Atik), University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Economic Law (2006)

In December 2005, the WTO responded to the HIV/AIDS pharmaceutical crisis in the least developed...



European Perspective on Licensing in a Network Environment, Suffolk Transnational Law Review (2000)


Contributions to Books


Swedish copyright evergreens Mini-Maglite?, Swedish Studies in Law (2010)

In April 2009 the Swedish Supreme Court recognized copyright protection for the Mini-Maglite® torch as...



Are there general principles of community law affecting private law? (with Xavier Groussot), General principles of EC law in a process of development (2008)


Facilitating Compulsory Licensing under TRIPS in Response to the AIDS Crisis in Developing Countries (with Jeffery Atik), Corporate and Employment Perspectives in a Global Business Environment (2006)

The AIDS crisis in the developing world has become a priority for international collaboration. The...

Are European patents obstacles to Swedish cancer research?, Gene technology and economy (2002)
Swedish snus confronts basic EU principles, Modern issues in European law: Nordic perspectives: essays in honour of Lennart Pålsson (1997)

Unpublished Papers


The CFI Microsoft Judgment and TRIPS Competition Flexibilities (with Tu T. Nguyen) (2010)

The CFI Microsoft judgment is a first by any court of a WTO Member, disregarding...