Gregor Kalas investigates the architecture of late antiquity and the early Middle
Ages with a particular focus on the post-classical adaptations of ancient buildings and
monuments. In his publications, Kalas explores the reuse of ancient structures by
highlighting that architectural reconstruction engages with historical memories and the
reconstitution of lapsed time. Kalas has pursued investigations of late antique urban
landscapes by digitally reconstructing the center of Rome in order to reveal the ritual
function of buildings and the topographical linkages between significant city spaces.
Currently, Kalas’s research concerns the late antique revitalization of public
architecture in the Roman Forum, Rome ’s chief monumental precinct. 

Digital Humanities Projects


Visualizing Statues in the Late Antique Roman Forum— (with Diane Favro and Christopher Johanson) (2010)

During the fourth and fifth centuries CE, statues populating the open areas of the Roman...



The Restoration of the Roman Forum in Late Antiquity: Transforming Public Space (2015)

This book examines architectural conservation during late antiquity at Rome's most important civic center: the...


Architecture and Elite Identity in Late Antique Rome: Appropriating the Past at Sant'Andrea Catabarbara, Papers of the British School at Rome (2013)

The conversion of the fourth-century basilica of Junius Bassus, a secular structure on an aristocratic...



Writing Restoration in Rome: Inscriptions, Statues, and the Late Antique Preservation of Buildings, Cities, Texts, and Social Networks, 400-1500 (2010)

Cities, Texts and Social Networks examines the experiences of urban life from late antiquity through...