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Neonatal Circumcision: Its Long Term Harmful Effects

Tracey Gemmell
Gregory J. Boyle, Bond University


A circumcised male has been deprived of a highly specialized, sensitive and erogenous part of his penis that would have served important sensory, sexual and protective functions had it been left in place. Circumcision amputates about 50% of the penile skin system together with its many thousands of highly specialized erogenous nerve endings. The implications of these losses were investigated in the present study by means of a survey of attendees of several men's groups located throughout Queensland. Respondents provided self-report evidence of their experiences as either circumsised or genitally intact males. While no significant differences were found in the rates of prostate disorders between the two groups of men, circumcised males did rate their current level of sexual sensation as significantly less than that indicated by intact males, and reported adverse psychological effects from circumsion, such as feelings of being incomplete, having been cheated, anger and sadness.

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Tracey Gemmell and Gregory J. Boyle. "Neonatal Circumcision: Its Long Term Harmful Effects" Understanding Circumcision: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to a Multi-Dimensional Problem (2000).
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