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Pearson, Iqbal, and Procedural Judicial Activism, Florida State University Law Review (2010)

In its most recent term, the Supreme Court decided Pearson v. Callahan and Ashcroft v....



Stare Decisis is Cognitive Error, Brooklyn Law Review (2009)

For hundreds of years, the practice of stare decisis -- a court’s adherence to prior...



The Cy Pres Problem and the Role of Damages in Tort Law, Virginia Journal of Social Policy & Law (2008)

Class action litigation presents a common problem that has received little discussion in the academic...



Affordable Housing and Civic Participation: Two Sides of the Same Coin, B.Y.U. Journal of Public Law (2007)

Over the past several decades, America’s inner cities have deteriorated socially, economically, and politically. Simultaneously,...



Looking Back and Looking Forward: Sarbanes-Oxley and the Future of Corporate Governance (with Scott Harshbarger), Akron Law Review (2007)

Corporate governance has received significant media attention over the past few years. From the spectacular...


Contributions to Books

Popular Press


Cleaning Up the Corruption in Business and Politics (with Scott Harshbarger), Boston Globe (2006)


Deterring White Collar Crime (with Scott Harshbarger), Boston Business Journal (2005)



Civic Engagement Among American Youth: Research, Activism, and Democracy (with Chris Toppe), Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (2005)

This paper examines youth attitudes toward voting and volunteering: the measurable indicators of social capital....