I am interested in ice sheet mass balance and the role ice sheets play in modulating
global sea levels. This research currently involves field work in Greenland and
Antarctica, using GPS to study ice flow dynamics and GPR to understand snow accumulation,
as well as satellite remote sensing of both ice sheets and other glacierized regions. I
am also interested in the promoting the public understanding of climate change science.



Spatial and Temporal Melt Variability at Helheim Glacier, East Greenland, and Its Effect on Ice Dynamics (with M. L. Andersen, T. B. Larsen, M. Nettles, P. Elosegui, D. van As, Leigh A. Stearns, J. L. Davis, A. P. Ahlstrøm, J. de Juan, G. Ekström, L. Stenseng, S. A. Khan, R. Forsberg, and D. Dahl-Jensen), Journal of Geophysical Research-Earth Surface (2010)

Understanding the behavior of large outlet glaciers draining the Greenland Ice Sheet is critical for...



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Large calving events at Greenland's largest outlet glaciers are associated with glacial earthquakes and near...



A New Technique for Firn Grain-Size Measurement Using SEM Image Analysis (with N. E. Spaulding, D. A. Meese, I. Baker, and Paul Andrew Mayewski), Journal of Glaciology (2010)

Firn microstructure is accurately characterized using images obtained from scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Visibly etched...



State of the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Climate System (with Paul Andrew Mayewski, M. P. Meredith, C. P. Summerhayes, J. Turner, A. Worby, P. J. Barrett, G. Casassa, Nancy A.N. Bertler, T. Bracegirdle, A. C. Naveira Garabato, D. Bromwich, H. Campbell, W. B. Lyons, Kirk A. Maasch, S. Aoki, C. Xiao, and Tas van Ommen), Reviews of Geophysics (2009)

This paper reviews developments in our understanding of the state of the Antarctic and Southern...



Design, Optimization and Calibration of an Automated Density Gauge for Firn and Ice Cores (with Daniel J. Breton and C. T. Hess), Journal of Glaciology (2009)

A gamma-ray density gauge can provide high-resolution and high-precision density measurements of firn and ice...