George Brown is the Robert Drinan, S.J., Professor of Law. Most recently he served
as Interim Dean of the Law School, 2010-2011. He is a specialist in the field of
federal-state relations and government ethics. In both areas he draws on his extensive
experience in state government. He has served as Legislative Assistant to the Governor of
Massachusetts and as Assistant Attorney General of Massachusetts. In 1994, Governor
William Weld appointed him Chair of the Massachusetts State Ethics Commission. In the
field of federal-state relations, Professor Brown is best known for his articles on the
jurisdiction of federal courts and on the federal grant-in-aid system. He has also served
as Chair of the Association of American Law Schools Section on Federal Courts. 

In the field of government ethics, Professor Brown has written several articles on recent
judicial developments. His current research focuses on the role of the courts in the War
on Terror. 

Forthcoming Articles


Applying Citizens United to Ordinary Corruption, Forthcoming in the Notre Dame Law Review (2015)

Federal criminal law frequently deals with the problem of corruption in the form of purchased...




Punishing Terrorists: Congress, The Sentencing Commission, The Guidelines, and the Courts, Cornell Journal of Law & Public Policy (2014)

There is considerable uncertainty surrounding the law and policy of federal sentencing. This uncertainty can...



Notes on a Terrorism Trial – Preventive Prosecution, “Material Support” and The Role of The Judge after United States v. Mehanna, Harvard National Security Journal (2013)

The terrorism trial of Tarek Mehanna, primarily for charges of providing “material support” to terrorism,...



Accountability, Liability, and the War on Terror -- Constitutional Tort Suits as Truth and Reconciliation Vehicles, Florida Law Review (2011)

This Article examines the role of civil suits in providing accountability for the Bush administration's...



'Counter-Counter-Terrorism Via Lawsuit' - The Bivens Impasse, Southern California Law Review (2009)

This Article deals with one of the most difficult questions arising out of the war...



Political Judges and Popular Justice: A Conservative Victory or a Conservative Dilemma?, William and Mary Law Review (2008)

Most of the judges in America are elected. Yet the institution of the elected judiciary...


Contributions to Books


An Introduction to the Community Development Litigation and Its Impact, Awakening the Slumbering Giant: Intergovernmental Relations and Federal Grant Laws: A Report of and Papers from ACIR's Conference on Federal Grant Law (1980)

Paper from Advisory Committee on Intergovernmental Relations Conference on Federal Grant Law held December 12,...


Popular Press


Anti-terror fight on trial, The Boston Herald (2011)
Vote No to Public Funding (with Thomas R. Kiley), The Boston Globe (2002)

There is virtually no limit on the total amount of taxpayer dollars that ultimately could...


Selected Professional Activities

Lessons from the Mehanna trial, Boston Public Law Study Group (2011)


Panelist, Obama and Executive Power: The Case of National Security: Lessons Learned, Boston College Clough Center for the Study of Constitutional Democracy (2010)
Panelist on Political Corruption, Wayne State University Law Review Symposium (2006)
Speaker on Campaign Finance Reform, Counsel on Governmental Ethics Laws Annual Meeting (2005)