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Entropy of dynamical social networks

Kun Zhao, Northeastern University
Márton Karsai, Aalto University, Finland
Ginestra Bianconi, Northeastern University

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Originally published in PLoS ONE 6(12): e28116. 2011. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0028116


Human dynamical social networks encode information and are highly adaptive. To characterize the information encoded in the fast dynamics of social interactions, here we introduce the entropy of dynamical social networks. By analysing a large dataset of phone-call interactions we show evidence that the dynamical social network has an entropy that depends on the time of the day in a typical week-day. Moreover we show evidence for adaptability of human social behavior showing data on duration of phone-call interactions that significantly deviates from the statistics of duration of face-to-face interactions. This adaptability of behavior corresponds to a different information content of the dynamics of social human interactions. We quantify this information by the use of the entropy of dynamical networks on realistic models of social interactions.

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Kun Zhao, Márton Karsai, and Ginestra Bianconi. "Entropy of dynamical social networks" Physics Faculty Publications (2011).
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