Professor Bianconi's research interest includes statistical mechanics of
networks and application to complex biological, social and technological networks. She
enjoys developing new theories that can explain emerging phenomena in complex system. In
particular she is working on critical phenomena on networks, on their off-equilibrium
dynamical properties, on the interplay between their global and local structure and on
the quantification of their complexity by entropy measures. The results of her work
include the mathematical treatment of condensation off- equilibrium transitions that
explain the winner-takes-all phenomena observed in the World Wide Web as well as in
models of ecology and evolution. She has also worked on the definition of entropy
measures for network ensembles (Gibbs entropy of networks) and she is interested in their
use for inference problems in networks. The aim of her current research is a formulation
of an information theory of complex networks. The objective of this research is to define
complexity measures of networks and using them to find new inference algorithms to
analyze data. Moreover she works in dynamics of social human and animal behavior and on
evolution of viruses and their spreading dynamics. 



Entropy of dynamical social networks (with Kun Zhao and Márton Karsai), Physics Faculty Publications (2011)

Human dynamical social networks encode information and are highly adaptive. To characterize the information encoded...



Bose-Einstein distribution, condensation transition and multiple stationary states in multiloci evolution of diploid populations (with Olaf Rotzschke), Physics Faculty Publications (2010)

The mapping between genotype and phenotype is encoded in the complex web of epistatic interaction...



Dynamical and bursty interactions in social networks (with Juliette Stehlé and Alain Barrat), Physics Faculty Publications (2010)

We present a modeling framework for dynamical and bursty contact networks made of agents in...



Critical fluctuations in spatial complex networks (with Serena Bradde, Fabio Caccioli, and Luca Dall'Asta), Physics Faculty Publications (2009)

An anomalous mean-field solution is known to capture the non trivial phase diagram of the...



Entropy measures for complex networks: toward an information theory of complex topologies (with Kartik Anand), Physics Faculty Publications (2009)

The quantification of the complexity of networks is, today, a fundamental problem in the physics...