Professor Shaw was a law clerk for Judge Allan Stouder of the Third District
Illinois Appellate Court. A member of the Touro Law Center faculty for twenty-seven
years, he authors the annual revisions of Evidence Laws of New York (Lexis/Nexis
Publications) and writes in the area of constitutional law. Professor Shaw served as a
counsel to the Government of Belarus in drafting its new constitution in 1994. On behalf
of the ABA Central and East European Law Initiative, he has critiqued numerous draft
constitutions of Central and Eastern European countries. In 2005 he counseled the
Government of Macedonia in the drafting of the first fifteen amendments to the Macedonia



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A Heretical View of Teaching: A Contrarian Looks at Teaching, the Carnegie Report and Best Practices, 28 Touro L. Rev. 1239 (2012)

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Trances, Trials, and Tribulations; Symposium Comparing New York and Federal Evidence Law, 11 Touro L. Rev. 145 (1994)

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