Analysis of the optical and magnetooptical spectra of non-Kramers Pr3+(4f2) in Y3Al5O12 complemented by crystal-field modelling (with Uygun V. Valiev, John B. Gruber, Anvar K. Mukhammadiev, Dejun Fu, and Vasiliy O. Pelenovich), Journal of Luminescence (2014)

The spectra of the absorption, luminescence, magnetic circular dichroism (MCD) and magnetic circular polarization of...



Magnetooptics of non-Kramers Eu3+ ions in garnets: analysis complemented by crystal-field splitting modeling calculations (with Uygun V. Valiev, John B. Gruber, Anvar K. Mukhammadiev, Vasiliy O. Pelenovich, and Dejun Fu), Journal of Rare Earths (2013)

Spectra of absorption, luminescence, magnetic circular dichroism (MCD), and magnetic circular polarization of luminescence (MCPL)...



Analysis of the spectra of trivalent erbium in multiple sites of hexagonal aluminum nitride (with Ulrich Vetter, Zachery D. Fleishman, Larry D. Merkle, Takashi Taniguchi, Yuan Xiaoli, Takashi Sekiguchi, Daniel Jurgens, and Hans Hofsass), Optical Materials Express (2012)

The 12 K cathodoluminescence spectra of Er3+ doped into single crystals of aluminum nitride (2H-AlN)...



Crystal field and Zeeman splittings for energy levels of Nd3+ in hexagonal AlN (with John B. Gruber, Ulrich Vetter, Brandon Mitchell, Volkmar Dierolf, and Hans Hofsass), Optical Materials Express (2012)

The crystal-field and Zeeman splittings of the energy levels of Nd3+(4f3) 2S+1LJ in hexagonal phase...



Magnetooptics of magnetic-dipole transitions in the rare-earth paramagnetic garnets (with U V. Valiev, J B. Gruber, V O. Pelenovich, and M E. Malysheva), Optics and Spectroscopy (2012)

The Faraday effect (FE) of the rare-earth (RE) paramagnetic garnet crystals associated with magnetic-dipole (MD)...




Magnetooptical Spectroscopy of the Rare-Earth Compounds: Development and Application (with Uygun V. Valiev and John B. Gruber) (2012)

A comparison of theory with experiment is made for rare-earth compounds with garnet structure and...


Contributions to Books


Data Location in a Four-Dimensional Periodic System of Diatomic Molecules (with Ray Hefferlin), Chemical Information and Computational Challenges in the 21st Century (2012)

The chart of the elements provides a striking representation of the periodic law. The construction...



4fn – 4fn−1 5d transitions (with Michael F. Reid), Handbook on the Physics and Chemistry of Rare Earths (2007)

This chapter describes the extension of the parametric model used for 4fn spectra to calculations...



One-photon rare earth optical transitions: recent theoretical developments (with M C. Downer), Solid State Luminescence: Theory, materials, and devices (1993)

‘The puzzle of rare earth spectra in solids’, a term first coined by van Vleck,...


Popular Press


Andrews Autumn Conference: Faith and reason united in the search for knowledge, Covalence Magazine (2012)

The Seventh Annual Andrews Autumn Conference on Religion and Science was held on the campus...



How can I live without having all the answers?, Ministry (2011)

If we had perfect knowledge, our science and our theology would never be in conflict...



Science and design: A physicist’s perspective, College and University Dialogue (2008)

Science does an excellent job of describing and explaining natural phenomena in the world around...


Unpublished Papers


Periodic Systems of Molecules: Physical and Chemical (with Ray Hefferlin and Evgeny V. Babaev), Report #1, Physics Department, Southern Adventist University (1994)

This paper is a review of research on molecular periodic systems, a developed field of...