Hello, my name is Gale Stam. I am Professor of Psychology at National Louis
University. I am also an alumna of the McNeill Lab - Center for Gesture and Speech
Research at the University of Chicago, was an invited researcher at the Laboratoire
Parole et Langage (LPL) in Aix-en-Provence, France (February - June 2010), and retain
close ties to both labs. My research interests include language and culture, language and
cognition, gesture, and first language and second language acquisition. 

I am particularly interested in thinking for speaking and gesture (the development of
first language thinking for speaking and how thinking for speaking about motion changes
both linguistically and gesturally with second language acquisition), speech and gesture
interlanguage, the effect of gesture in oral proficiency interviews, the function of
gesture in lexical retrieval, and language teachers’ gestures. 

My current research projects are a study of gestures in teacher talk with Marion Tellier,
Aix-Marseille University and CNRS Laboratoire Parole et Langage, a longitudinal study of
L1 thinking for speaking, a longitudinal study of changes in L2 thinking for speaking, a
project on gesture and gender with Jeff Daitsman, National Louis University, a project on
teaching thinking for speaking with Jim Lantolf, Penn State University, a project on
gesture and preposition learning with Kimi Nakatsukas, Texas Tech University, and
Benjamin White, St. Michael’s College, and a project on Understanding of Thinking for
Speaking in Xhosa Language Speakers Learning English in South Africa with Heather
Brookes, University of Cape Town. 



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Contributions to Books


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Selected Presentations

Gesture as a Window Onto Conceptualization, Séminaire BLRI (Brain and Language Research Institute) (2015)

Gesture and Thinking for Speaking, American Association of Applied Linguistics (2015)

Foreign Language Teachers’ Gestures: The Audience Matters (with Marion Tellier), Cognitive Development and Communication Lab, University of Wisconsin (2014)


Gestures and Learning, The Center for Language Acquisition at Pennsylvania State University (2014)

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