I am a public finance economist who studies the spatial aspects of state and local
government spending, with a specific focus on school district expenditures. I have also
published work on the incentive effects of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit and the effect
of the Earned Income Tax Credit on African-Americans. My current research applied spatial
methodology to the study of peer effects and adolescent behavior including risky sexual
behavior and obesity-related behavior. 

Peer Effects and Spatial Econometrics


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Research about how peers influence weight outcomes among adolescents has yielded mixed findings. This paper...


Spatial Econometrics and Local Public Spending


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The level of education spending may not only be determined by a school district’s characteristics,...



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African-Americans and Public Policy

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Recent events have placed a spotlight on the increasing militarization of local law enforcement. While...



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Tax Policy


The Impact of the Earned Income Tax Credit on Poverty, The Review of Black Political Economy (2008)

Sports Economics


Do White NBA Players Suffer from Reverse Discrimination?, Economics Bulletin (2014)

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has been fertile ground for the study of discrimination due...


No subject area

Antipoverty Policy: The Role of Individualist and Structural Perspectives (with Mary Lopez and Leslie Wallace), Oxford Handbook of the Economics of Poverty (2012)