Associate Professor Gail Wilson BA(Hons)(Tor), BEd(Tor), MEd(Macquarie), PhD(Deakin) 

Gail is Director Teaching and Learning, Centre for Teaching and Learning, Southern Cross
University. Prior to joining SCU in 2010, she worked in academic development and
management roles in teaching and learning centres at Charles Sturt University, the
University of Western Sydney and Bond University. Gail has also taught in higher
education and adult and vocational education institutions, and has held management roles
in the public and private sectors. 

Gail is a member of several Australian and overseas journal review panels, and currently
serves on editorial boards for two journals - the Australasian Journal of Educational
Technology(AJET) and Research in Learning Technology. From 2005 to 2011 she was a member
of the executive of the Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia
(HERDSA) where she was responsible for the development of the current HERDSA website and
chaired the Publications portfolio. She continues to support HERDSA as a member of the
HERDSA Guides Committee. 

Gail is also a publications editor for the UK-based Association for Learning Technology
(ALT) annual research conference papers published in the journal Research in Learning

Gail was one of three members of the Steering Committee of a large teaching and learning
grant funded by the Australian Learning & Teaching Council (ALTC) called Preparing
Academics to Teach in Higher Education - the PATHE project - whose final report was
published in 2010. An extension to this grant funded by the Office of Learning and
Teaching (OLT) focused on the development of online modules for staff who teach in higher
education teacher preparation programs (TPPs). This project was completed in October

Gail has recently completed a 2013 OLT Extension grant on Peer Review of Teaching in
Online and Blended Learning Environments whose final report will soon be published. 

Gail’s doctoral research focused on a collective case study of six teachers, all early
adopters of ICT, who used ICT to facilitate their use of blended learning approaches to
their on-campus teaching. This research also examined institutional models for
professional learning for university teachers for the online environment. 

Her most recent publications have built on her thesis research and her research focus on
blended learning has extended into the area of learning spaces. Gail is currently focused
on applying large course design principles commonly associated with MOOCs to the design
of professional learning for academics new to teaching in higher education. 

Journal articles


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A dramatic, pedagogical shift has occurred in recent years in educational environments in higher education,...



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Book chapters

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The Preparing Academics to Teach in Higher Education (PATHE) project was a three-year project funded...


Refereed conference papers


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Book reviews


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