Gail Moloney, BA(Hons)(Murdoch), DipT(Well), PhD(Murdoch) 

Dr. Gail Moloney is a lecturer at the Department of Psychology at the Coffs Harbour
campus of Southern Cross University. Her primary research interests are in social
representations theory and social identity, community and the re-settlement of forced
migrants, inter-group relations and social understandings of organ donation and

Journal articles


‘They’re all tribals’: essentialism, context and the discursive representation of Sudanese refugees (with Scott Hanson-Easey and Martha Augoustinos), Discourse & Society (2014)

The theory of psychological essentialism provides an account of how and why some social groups...



Editorial political cartoons in Australia: social representations & and the visual depiction of essentialism (with Peter Holtz and Wolfgang Wagner), Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science (2013)

Six million migrants from over 170 countries have resettled in Australia since 1945 ensuring religious...



Cognitive polyphasia, themata and blood donation: between or within representation (with Judith Williams and Duncan C. Blair), Papers on Social Representations (2012)

Cognitive polyphasia has typically been understood through the notion of situated knowledge. This paper adds...



Contagion in the representational field of water recycling: informing new environment practice through social representation theory (with Peta Callaghan and Duncan C. Blair), Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology (2012)

Water shortages in Australia have highlighted an urgent need for alternative water sources, and technologically,...



Cross-cultural dimensions of meaning in the evaluation of events in world history? perceptions of historical calamities and progress in cross-cultural data from thirty societies (with James H. Liu, Dario Paez, Katja Hanke, Alberto Rosa, Denis J. Hilton, Chris G. Sibley, Rosa Cabecinhas, Franklin Zaromb, Ilya E. Garber, Chan-Hoong Leong, Velichko Valchev, Cecilia Gastardo-Conaco, Li-Li Huang, Ai-Hwa Quek, Elza Techio, Ragini Sen, Yvette Van Osch, Hamdi Muluk, Wolfgang Wagner, Feixue Wang, Sammyh S. Khan, Laurent Licata, Olivier Klein, Janos Laszlo, Marta Fulop, Jacky Chau-kiu Cheung, Xiaodong Yue, Samia Ben Youssef, Uichol Kim, Youngshin Park, Jen Puch-Bouwman, Katayoun Hassall, John Adair, Lauren Unik, Dario Spini, Karine Henchoz, Gisela Bohm, Marcus Selart, Hans-Peter Erb, Deborah Felicitas Thoben, Giovanna Leone, Tiziana Mastrovito, Tomahide Atsumi, and Ko-ichi Suwa), Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology (2012)

The universality versus culture specificity of quantitative evaluations (negative-positive) of 40 events in world history...



Social representations and identity : content, process and power (with Iain Walker), School of Health and Human Sciences Papers (2007)

Power, social positioning, identity, and social knowledge construction underpin most contemporary social issues. However, in...


Book chapters

I do but don't...The yes, but factor in organ donation and transplantation (with I Walker and Tegan Charlton), Organ donation and transplantation: an interdisciplinary approach (2013)

"JING" your converged delivery: using screen capture software to improve information literacy in regional universities (with Jann Small), Current trends in experimental and applied psychology (2012)

Introduction (with Iain Walker), Social representations and identity: content, process and power (2007)


Using social cognition to change energy-use in the commercial sector, Honours thesis, Murdoch University, Perth, WA (1993)

Conference publications

A social representations analysis of hypothetical organ allocation decisions (with Kylie Clark), 42nd Conference of the Australian Psychological Society: Psychology making an impact (2007)

Social barriers to breastfeeding explored using the social representations theoretical framework (with Sandra Canney), 42nd Conference of the Australian Psychological Society: Psychology making an impact (2007)

The reproduction of the refugee and asylum-seeker identity within politically satirical cartoons, Annual conference British Psychological Society (2007)

Social identity theory (Tajfel, 1981) posits that an individual’s social identity is defined through their...


What does it mean to be identified as mentally ill: social representations, unification and differentation (with C Foley), Proceedings of Psychology making an impact: the 42nd APS Annual Conference (2007)


Life and death: the dialectical nature of the social representation of organ donation and transplantation (with Iain Walker), School of Health and Human Sciences Papers (2006)


Contradiction and consensus: understanding the organ donation decision, School of Health and Human Sciences Papers (2003)

Student village survey report, School of Health and Human Sciences Papers (1994)

Using social cognition to change energy use in the commercial sector, School of Health and Human Sciences Papers (1994)