I taught at Bond Univeristy in Australia and South Africa, the University of Oregon,
the Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology, and other major universities in
the US and Canada. 

I specialize in market planning, market research, forecasting, policy analysis, and
technology assessments. Past clients include Hewlett-Packard, Peace Health Medical
Center, Timex, General Electric, PanAmerican Airways, and Dow-Corning. Government clients
include the US Department of Energy, the Department of Transportation, and the Federal
Aviation Administration. I also conduct workshops and seminars in creativity and



Entrepreneurial Orientation and International Entrepreneurial Business Venture Startup (with Noel J. Lindsay and Aviv Shoham), International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research (2008)

Purpose – This study seeks to examine the interrelationships among three elements of an entrepreneurial...



Impulse Buying: The Role of Affect, Social Influence, and Subjective Well-being (with David Silvera and Ann Lavack), Journal of Consumer Marketing (2008)

Purpose – The purpose of this research is to examine predictors of impulse buying. Although...



US Federal Government Entrepreneurship: New Enterprise Structures (with Roxanne Zolin), Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development (2008)

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to guide the formation and to determine...



Entrepreneurial, Market, and Learning Orientations and International Entrepreneurial Business Venture Performance in South Africa (with Noel J. Lindsay and Aviv Shoham), International Marketing Review (2006)

Purpose – This study examines the interrelationships between aspects of entrepreneurial, market, and learning orientations,...



Market Orientation and Performance: A Meta-analysis (with Shoham Aviv and Gregory M. Rose), Marketing Intelligence & Planning (2005)

Purpose - To assess quantitatively the impact of market orientation on the performance of the...


Contributions to Books


Women as Social Entrepreneurs: A Case Study (with Nuket Kardam), Women in the Global Economy: Leading Social Change (2013)


Cultural context as a moderator of private entrepreneurship investment behavior, Handbook of research on new venture creation (2011)


Changing Values: A 2020 Vision, Euromarketing and the Future (2004)

This study examines the roles that values play in marketing and the nature of value...



The New Paradigm Marketing Model (with Lynn R. Kahle and R. Scott Marshall), Euromarketing and the Future (2004)

This paper maintains that marketers should take an expanded view of marketing research and practice...


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