Ferran Sancho is Professor of Economics at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in
Catalonia, Spain, since 1992. He is also a research fellow of the MOVE research
consortium. He has been a visiting scholar at the University of California-Berkeley
(1992, 2003), the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis (1993), and the Universidad Pablo
de Olavide (2010, 2011). His research interests focus in computational economics with
applications to fiscal policy and environmental issues. He has been Chair of the
Department of Economics at the UAB (2004-2010) and Vice-Chancellor for Research and
Faculty (1998-2002) also at the UAB. He was appointed by the Ministry of Education for
the 2008-2011 period as member of the Spanish National Accreditation Committee in Social
and Juridical Sciences. 



Unveiling Cost Burden Interdependencies with the Use of the Hypothetical Extraction Method (with Ana-Isabel Guerra), Theoretical Economics Letters (2015)

Networked economies constitute an interlocked mechanism of direct effects and indirect feedbacks. Each piece of...



An operational, nonlinear input-output system (with Ana-Isabel Guerra), Economic Modelling (2014)

We develop a scale-dependent nonlinear input-output model which is a practical alternative to the conventional...



Instrumentos multisectoriales para la detección de sectores clave en el análisis regional (with Alejandro Cardenete), Revista de Estudios Regionales (2014)

detection of key sectors in any economy, whether national and regional level, is a key...



Supply and Demand Biases in Linear Interindustry Models (with Antonio Manresa), Economic Modelling (2013)

We explore the sectoral and aggregate implications of some endogeneization rules (i.e. on value-added and...



Are There Key Sectors? An Appraisal Using Applied General Equilibrium (with Mari Carmen Lima and Alejandro Cardenete), The Review of Regional Studies (2013)

An extension of the hypothetical extraction method to a general equilibrium setting is considered. This...



Applied General Equilibrium: An Introduction (with Alejandro Cardenete and Ana-Isabel Guerra) (2012)

Book Chapters

An Analysis of Primary Energy Requirements and Emission Levels Using the Structural Decomposition Approach (with Ana-Isabel Guerra), Air Pollution: Economic Modeling and Control Policies (2010)

An Applied General Equilibrium Analysis of a Double Dividend Policy for the Spanish Economy (with Antonio Manresa), Environment and Employment: a Reconciliation (2009)

Modelos económicos para el análisis medioambiental y el cambio climático (with Ana-Isabel Guerra), El cambio climático: análisis económico y políticas (2009)

An AGE Model to Assess the Impact of National Tax Changes on a Regional Economy (with Alejandro Cardenete), Computable General Equilibrium Approaches in Urban and Regional Policy (2006)

Substitution of Value Added Revenues for Social Security Contributions: the Case of Spain (with Clemente Polo), Studies in Applied General Equilibrium (1996)

Software code


Detection of Key Sectors, Repec-Ideas Software (2006)

GAMS code that implements the Cardenete-Sancho, 2006, proposal in Economic Systems Research.



Shoven-Whalley prototype CGE model, Repec-Ideas Software (2005)

GAMS code that implements SW model in Journal of Economic Literature, 1984.