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Healing of Memories: Models, Research, Future Directions

Fernando L. Garzon, Liberty University
Lori Burkett

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Published in the Journal of Psychology and Christianity, 21(2) 42-49.


This article examines several of the more recent models of healing of memories (HM) as they are found in the clinical and pastoral care literature. A wide variety of approaches are present, including models from David Seamonds, Siang-Yang Tan, Leanne Payne, and Ed Smith (Theophostic Ministry). These models are compared and contrasted in terms of an intervention strategy. While few empirical studies on religious imagery interventions currently exist in the literature, available data has produced positive findings. Given these limited results, the need for specific research on HM techniques is advocated and an agenda for such research is proposed.

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Fernando L. Garzon and Lori Burkett. "Healing of Memories: Models, Research, Future Directions" Journal of Psychology and Christianity (2002).
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