Civil Law


A Closer Look: A Symposium Among Legal Historians and Law Librarians to Uncover the Spanish Roots of Louisiana Civil Law (with Dennis Kim-Prieto and Teresa Miguel), International Journal of Legal Information (2010)

The debate regarding whether the origin of Louisiana civil law is based in the Spanish...



The English Fox in the Lousiana Civil Law Chausse-Trappe: Civil Law Concepts in the English Language; Comparativists Beware! (with Alain Levasseur), Louisiana Law Review (2009)

The Avant-Projet of the French Law Obligations and the French Law of Prescriptions, which we...

Moreau Lislet: The Man Behind the Digest of 1808 (with Alain Levasseur) (2008)

The Louisiana legal system is unique in the United States and legal scholars have been...


Library Science


Southeastern Association of Law Libraries Annual Meeting (with University of Georgia Alexander Campbell King Law Library, Beth Adelman, Constance Ard, Jan Baker, John Beatty, Erika Beck, Jennifer Behrens, Billie J. Blaine, Pamela Bluh, Elizabeth D. Bradsher, Pam Brannon, Kevin Butterfield, Charlene Cain, Sean Chen, Terrye Conroy, Jessica de Perio Wittman, Marin Dell, James M. Donovan, Maureen A. Eggert, Robb Farmer, Elizabeth Farrell, Vicen Feliu, Sarah Glassmeyer, Suzanne R. Graham, Ismael Gullon, Edward T. Harte, Christine Heaton, James Heller, Sally Irvin, Kate Irwin-Smiler, Faye Jones, David Lehmann, Andrew Lentini, Terry Long, Shannon L. Malcolm, Terrance Manion, Roxanne Marmion, Katherine Marsh, Sarah Mauldin, Rebekah Maxwell, Pamela R. Melton, Marian Parker, Merryl Penson, Gordon Russell, James C. Smith, Dick Spinelli, Kay Todd, Robert T. Trotter, Carol A. Watson, Julie Webster-Matthews, Laura Weidig, Sarah K. Wiant, and Patrick Wiseman), Conferences and Symposia (2009)

The 2009 SEAALL Annual Meeting was held in Athens Georgia, April 16-18, 2009.



Meeting the Information Needs of Constitutionalist Patrons: A Guide for Reference Librarians, Legal Reference Services Quarterly (2006)

This paper illustrates the challenges that a reference law librarian encounters when facing the information...


Legal Education


Embedded Librarians: Teaching Legal Research as a Lawyering Skill (with Helen Frazer), Journal of Legal Education (2012)

The current movement for reform of legal education focuses on teaching both knowledge and practical...



Outcomes Assessment and Legal Research Pedagogy (with Helen Frazer), Legal Reference Services Quarterly (2012)

This article explores application of a taxonomic approach in legal research pedagogy to outcomes assessment...




Corporation Sole - Appendix A (2013)

This work is a revision and update of a study carried out in 1933 by...



Corporation Sole - Appendix B (2013)

This work is a revision and update of a study carried out in 1933 by...


Copyright Law


Orphans in Turmoil: How a Legislative Solution Can Help Put the Orphan Works Dilemma to Rest, Rutgers Journal of Law and Public Policy (2015)

The orphan works issue has continued to grow in the United States despite strong efforts...



Normalizing Copyright in the Electronic Environment, Villanova Law Review, forthcoming (2015)

This article is an update of an article written by Professor Ann Bartow in 2003...