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Christian-Jewish Relations: Theological Issues

Lawrence E. Frizzell, Seton Hall University


The major disagreements between Jews and traditional Christians (i.e. those who accept the canon of the New Testament and the theological decisions of the first seven ecumenical Councils) focus on the mystery of God and the person of the Messiah. The antithetical approaches to the questions of three persons in one God and the person of the Messiah, believed by Christians to be Jesus of Nazareth, true God and true man, will not be set aside; however, clarification of the Catholic understanding regarding the Jewish stance can remove generalized accusations of blindness and/or malice. This article examine the key passages of the New Testament that set the stage for presentation of theological issues.

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Lawrence E. Frizzell. "Christian-Jewish Relations: Theological Issues." In New Catholic Encyclopedia, Supplement 2010, edited by Robert L Fastiggi, 597-605. Gale: Cengage Learning, 2010.

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