Dr Evgeny Guglyuvatyy PhD (UNSW), LLM (University of Nottingham), LLB (Chelyabinsk
State University) 

Evgeny Guglyvatyy has degree in Law from the Chelyabinsk State University and he also
holds a master’s degree in Law from Nottingham University. His PhD from UNSW was a
comparative study of the climate change policies focusing on potential applicability of
carbon tax and emissions trading in Australia. Evgeny’s teaching and research experience
spans over number of years at various Universities including: the University of New South
Wales, the University of Technology Sydney, Charles Stuart University and the University
of Ballarat. He specialises in corporations law, contract law, tax law and
administration, comparative tax and climate change law. 

Current teaching: 

Currently, Evgeny teaches corporations law. Beyond corporations law, he has also lectured
in tax law, climate law and carbon markets, contract law and commercial law. 

Research interests: 

Climate change law Comparative taxation Tax law Commercial law 

No subject area


Identifying criteria for climate change policy evaluation in Australia, Macquarie Journal of Business Law (2010)

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Method and criteria for climate change policy evaluation in Australia, Environmental Policy and Law (2010)

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