Professor Shim has been involved in and supported Habitat for Humanity and
Read-A-Loud programs, among others. For the Korean American community, he is currently
serving as Principal of the Connecticut Saturday Korean School, New Haven, CT and has
served the weekend Korean Language School about 15 years as a teacher, a vice principal
and a principal. 

In addition, he is immediate past Vice President and is a former chair of History and
Culture Committee of the National Association for Korean Schools (NAKS). For his
contributions to Korean American community, he was awarded a certificate from the
Ministry of Education, Korea and received certificates for his service from the President
of CT Society of Korean Americans. 

Degrees and Certifications: 

Ph.D. from Rutgers University 

Teaching Responsibilities: 

Professor Shim teaches MBA and upper level undergraduate accounting courses. He has
delivered many technology-based courses including videoconferencing courses and Online
Blackboard courses. In addition, Dr. Shim is responsible for organizing and conducting
the College of Business, Teaching Forums and Executive Forums. 

Honors, Awards & Fellowship: 

Dr. Shim was sole recipient of the 2001 Teaching Excellency Award from the Sacred Heart

Publications and Presentations: 

Dr. Shim has published many articles in CEO Compensation, Corporate Performance,
Strategic Cost Management, and Financial Accounting and Reporting. He also presented
numerous papers in International and National conferences. He served many professional
and academic organizations as a discussant, a reviewer and a chair. He edited the book,
"The Korean American Journey (2002)." 



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