Kiyemba, Guantanamo, and Immigration Law: An Extraterritorial Constitution in a Plenary Power World, UC Irvine Law Review (2012)

Immigration law is central to justifications for why five men remain detained indefinitely at Guantanamo,...



LA’s Taco Truck War: How Law Cooks Food Culture Contests, University of Miami Inter-American Law Review (2011)

This paper examines the Los Angeles “Taco Truck War” (2008-9), when the city of Los...



Guantanamo as a 'Legal Black Hole': A Base for Expanding Space, Markets, and Culture, University of San Francisco Law Review (2010)

Guantanamo appears as a "legal black hole" especially when examining detainee rights, but in reality...



Guantanamo as Outside and Inside the U.S.: Why is a Base a Legal Anomaly?, American University Journal of Gender, Social Policy, & the Law (2010)

Guantanamo’s historic role in empire explains why the base remains anomalously inside and outside US...


Contributions to Books


Boumediene v. Bush and Guantanamo, Cuba: Does the 'Empire Strike Back'?, National Security, Civil Liberties, and the War on Terror (2011)

Commenting on the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Boumediene v. Bush (2008) and the U.S....

Sovereignty along el Río Bravo/the Rio Grande: Changes in US Immigration Law and Mexican Foreign Relations Law, THE CULTURE, POLITICS AND ECONOMICS OF MIGRATION AND THE MEXICAN-AMERICAN BORDER: BOTH SIDES OF THE BORDER (2007)

Unpublished Papers


Escogedoras and Molineras in Veracruz, Mexico (1928-32): Exploring the Political Role of Popular Women in Post-Revolutionary Society (2005)

This article suggests that during Revolutionary state formation (1928-32) in Mexico, Veracruzano women had active...