Professor Capello's scholarship emphasizes transnational imaginaries and
encounters, urban history, visual culture, and the history of cartography. These currents
intersect in his first book, "City at the Center of the World: Space, History, and
Modernity in Quito" (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2011) which posits six
chronotopes - or narrative configurations of space-time - that provided a framework for
Quito residents to navigate the challenges of a city undergoing the dislocation of
nineteenth and early twentieth-century modernization. His writings have appeared in
various journals in the United States, Europe, and Latin America including the Latin
American Research Review, City, Araucaria, and Procesos. He is currently developing two
new book projects, one investigating commemorative French and Ecuadorian cartographic
collaboration in the early twentieth century and another examining hemispheric responses
to Nelson Rockefeller’s 1969 Presidential Mission to Latin America. 

EDUCATION: BA Vassar College; MA & PhD University of Texas, Austin 

Capello has been teaching at Macalester since 2008. 

Selected Articles


City, Chronicle, Chronotope: Re-Constructing and Writing Old Quito, Journal of Latin American Urban Studies (2004)


Contributions to Books

Mapas, geodesia y estudio geográfico en la constitución del imaginario nacional en Ecuador, siglos XVIII a XX, La nación expuesta : cultura visual y procesos de formación de la nación en América Latina (2014)


Latin America Encounters Nelson Rockefeller: Imagining the Gringo Patrón in 1969, Human rights and transnational solidarity in Cold War Latin America (2013)


Imaginaciones hemisféricas. La misión presidencial a América Latina de Nelson Rockefeller en 1969, La guerra fría cultural en América Latina : desafíos y límites para una nueva mirada de las relaciones interamericanas (2012)

Imagini emisferici. La missione presidenziale di Nelson Rockefeller in America Latina nel 1969, La guerra fredda culturale. Esportazione e ricezione dell'American Way of Life in America Latina (2011)

Mapas urbanos y nacionales: representación del espacio regional y nacional entre 1900 y 1950, Celebraciones centenarias y negociaciones por la nación ecuatoriana (2010)

Selected Reviews