Larson pursues research interests at the intersection of economic sociology,
political sociology, and the sociology of law, examining the processes through which
economic institutions and actors are constructed in a global environment and how these
constructions shape subsequent economic activity. 

He has been engaged in two research projects: a study of small, new stock exchanges in
Fiji, Ghana, and Iceland and an examination of affirmative action policies targeted
toward groups identified as indigenous. 

EDUCATION: BA Hamline University; MA, PhD, University of Minnesota. 

Larson has been teaching at Macalester since 2004. 

Journal Articles


Fiji’s 2014 Parliamentary Election, Electoral Studies (2014)


The Dutch Confession: Compliance, Leadership, and National Identity in the Human Rights Order (with Wibo van Rossum and Patrick Schmidt), Utrecht Law Review (2014)



Law and Society Reader II (with Patrick Schmidt) (2014)

Contributions to Books/Essays


Debate (with Gary Alan Fine), The Praeger Handbook of American High Schools, Volume 1 (2007)


Neo-liberalism and Racial Redress: Indigenization and Politics in Tanzania and Fiji (with Ronald Aminzade), Politics and Neoliberalism: Structure, Process and Outcome (2007)