BA (Hons)(Oxford) 

MA (Reading) 

LLM (Toronto) 

PhD (Cambridge) 

Eric Colvin, educated in England and Canada, was one of the founding staff at Bond
University and has been Associate Dean (1990-1994), Acting Dean (1995-1996) and Dean

He has taught at the Universities of Stirling, Edinburgh and New Brunswick, and has been
Professor of Law at the University of Saskatchewan. 

He has served as a consultant to various governmental bodies on the reform of criminal
law and procedure. His publications in the fields of criminal law and constitutional law
have often been cited by the Supreme Court of Canada. 


Convicting the innocent: A critique of theories of wrongful convictions, Criminal law forum (2009)

In recent years, the incidence of wrongful convictions has become a matter of public concern...


Fairness and equality in the criminal process, Law papers (2006)

This paper analyses the concept of fairness and its role in relation to the investigation...



Criminal procedure in the South Pacific, Law papers (2004)

This paper surveys the legislation governing criminal procedure in the jurisdictions of Melanesia, Micronesia and...



Sentencing principles in the High Court and the PSA , Law papers (2003)

This paper examines the significance of two recent decisions of the High Court of Australia...



Criminal law in Queensland and Western Australia (with John McKechnie), Law papers (2007)

This book provides a comprehensive set of materials on the criminal law of Queensland and...


Principles of criminal law (with Sanjeev Anand), Law papers (2007)

Principles of Criminal Law explores the general principles underlying the law of criminal culpability in...


Book Chapters

Defence of persons and property, The Laws of Australia (1993)

Elements of liability, The Laws of Australia (1993)

Inchoate liability, The Laws of Australia (1993)

Interpretation of criminal legislation and codes, The Laws of Australia (1993)

Criminal law and the rule of law, Crime, justice and codification: essays in commemoration of Jacques Fortin (1986)