Reconsiderations: After "The Idea of a Writing Center" (with Neal Lerner), College English (2008)

Originally published in a 1984 issue of "College English," Stephen North's article "The Idea of...



Record and Reflect: iPod Use in Writing Center Staff Development (with Betsy Bowen, Catherine Forsa, Devin Hagan, and Mary A. McCall), Praxis: A Writing Center Journal (2008)


Where Ideas Are Garbage and All Writing is Free: Doubting and Believing in Freewriting (with Michele Eodice, Garrick Brown, and Sean Ringey), Compters and Composition Online (2008)


Hard Work in the Big Easy, Fairfield Now (2006)

Stripping floors and tearing down walls are not skills listed in the job description for...



The Everyday Writing Center: A Community of Practice (with Anne E. Geller, Michele Eodice, Frankie Condon, and Meg Carroll), English Faculty Book Gallery (2007)

The Everyday Writing Center challenges some of the most comfortable traditions in its field, and...



Noise from the Writing Center, All USU Press Publications (2002)

In Noise from the Writing Center, Boquet develops a theory of "noise" and excess as...


Contributions to Books

Writing and the iGeneration: Composition in the Computer-Mediated Classroom (with Terry Carter, Maria Clayton, Betsy Bowen, and Richard J. Regan), English Faculty Book Gallery (2009)

Betsy Bowen, Elizabeth Boquet, and Richard Regan are contributing authors, "Making connections: Teaching and learning...


Creative Approaches to Writing Center Work (with Kevin Dvorak, Shanti Bruce, and Michele Eodice), English Faculty Book Gallery (2008)

Elizabeth Boquet, with Michele Eodice, is a contributing author, "Creativity in the Writing Center: A...


The Subject is Writing (with Wendy Bishop, Jim Strickland, and Katherine Holahan), English Faculty Book Gallery (2005)

Elizabeth Boquet, with Katherine Holahan, is a contributing author, "The Friendly, Neighborhood Writing Center—Your Personal...


Writing Center Research (with Paula Gillepsie, Alice Gillam, and Byron Stay), English Faculty Book Gallery (2002)

Elizabeth Boquet is a contributing author, "Disciplinary Action: The Making of a Writing Center Researcher."


Stories from the Center (with Meg Woolbright and Lynn Briggs), English Faculty Book Gallery (2000)

Elizabeth Boquet is a contributing author, "Intellectual Tug-of-War: Snapshots of Life in the Center.”