Elisabeth Shields is a Professor of Library Science and Graduate Librarian for
International Affairs at the Horace W. Sturgis Library at Kennesaw State University.



Dissertation & Thesis Resources (with Mary Wilson), Subject Bibliographies & Library Guides (2013)

The purpose of this guide is to supplement the seminars held by the programs for...



Conflict Management, Subject Bibliographies & Library Guides (2012)

I'm Dr. Elisabeth Shields, the librarian assigned to your program, and it's my job to...



International Conflict Management, Subject Bibliographies & Library Guides (2012)

Wecome to the PhD program in International Conflict Management.

The Graduate Library exists to ensure...



International Policy Management LibGuide, Subject Bibliographies & Library Guides (2012)

A guide to international policy management research using the resources of the Horace W. Sturgis...


Contributions to Books

Institutional Framework for Delivering Essential Services, Uganda: Growing Out of Poverty (1993)

The current situation in Uganda offers unique opportunities as well as challenges. The aftermath of...




Personal Knowledge Management: A Framework for Librarians, GLA Carterette Webinar Series (2011)

Searching is the “easy” part. But what do you do with all the material you’ve...

Use of Social Media by Economic Developers, Enterprise Innovation Institute (2011)
Tools for Personal and Team Knowledge Management, Georgia Council of Media Organizations Conference (2010)

Individuals and teams have different KM needs from whole organizations. We’ll cover the types of...



Mind Mappers, Concept Mappers, Note Takers, and Freeform Databases: Keeping Your Information Organized, Special Libraries Association (2008)

No abstract is currently available.

The New Face of Immigrant Entrepreneurs, Economic Development Institute (2004)

No abstract is currently available at this time.



Institutional Development in Aid Agencies: Disputed Territory (1989)

American University, 1989.

As a program area of development assistance agencies, "institutional development" has received...