Dr. Elisa Barney Smith joined the faculty at Boise State University in September
1999. She received a B.S. in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
(RPI), Troy, NY. She then received the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical, Computer and
Systems Engineering in 1989 and 1998, respectively, also from RPI. From 1989 to 1993 she
worked as an engineer at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in New London, CT. In 1993,
she had a research internship at the NATO SACLANT Centre in LaSpezia, Italy. Her work at
both NUWC and SACLANT Centre involved designing automatic target classification
algorithms and systems that utilize passive acoustic data. Dr. Barney Smith's
current research is in image processing and pattern recognition, with a primary focus on
document image analysis. 


Reconnaissance des formes - Théorie et pratique sous Matlab - Cours et exercices corrigés (with Laurence Likforman-Sulem), Faculty Authored Books (2013)

La reconnaissance des formes, au coeur de systèmes qui simulent les activités humaines de perception,...


Reconnaissance des Formes: Théorie et Pratique sous Matlab - Cours et Exercices Corrigés (with Laurence Likforman-Sulem), Faculty Authored Books (2013)

Articles & Proceedings


Sparsity-Based Edge Noise Removal from Bilevel Graphical Document Images (with Thai V. Hoang and Salvatore Tabbone), International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition (IJDAR) (2013)

This paper presents a new method to remove edge noise from graphical document images using...



Consequences of Electromagnetic Stimulation on Hydraulic Conductivity of Soils (with A. Farid, S. Azad, and J. Browning), PIERS Proceedings, Stockholm, Sweden, Aug. 12-15 (2013)

Hydraulic conductivity is a measure of the rate at which water flows through porous media....



Electromagnetic Stimulation of Transport in Water for Geoenvironmental Applications (with A. Farid, M. Azad, and J. Browning), PIERS Proceedings, Stockholm, Sweden, Aug. 12-15 (2013)

Air sparging is a popular soil remediation technique that enables the removal of contaminants by...



Reconfigurable Threshold Logic Gates using Memristive Devices (with Adrian Rothenbuhler, Thanh Tran, Vishal Saxena, and Kristy A. Campbell), Journal of Low Power Electronics and Applications (2013)

We present our design exploration of reconfigurable Threshold Logic Gates (TLG) implemented using silver–chalcogenide memristive...



Electromagnetic Stimulation of Two-Phase Transport in Water for Geoenvironmental Applications (with Mahsa Azad, Harlan D.O. Sangrey, Arvin Farid, and Jim Browning), Geotechnical Testing Journal (2013)

Air sparging is a popular remediation technology for contaminated soils. However, the application is not...


Contributions to Books


Document Scanning, McGraw-Hill Yearbook of Science and Technology (2005)


An Analysis of the Comparative Effectiveness of a Computerized Module in Probability Theory (with E. Bringsjord), 30th Annual Conference of the New England Educational Research Organization (1998)

Student Mentored Work


Simulations of Artificial Neural Network with Memristive Devices (Masters Thesis) (2012)

The memristor has been hypothesized to exist as the missing fourth basic circuit element since...



Camera Imaging System (Undergraduate Research Conference Poster) (with Wayne Kreimeyer, Adrian Rothenbühler, and Anita Poudel) (2011)

* Magnetic shape memory alloys are functional materials which can remember their shape

* Currently,...



Degradation Specific OCR (Masters Thesis) (2010)

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the mechanical or electronic translation of scanned images of handwritten,...



Extending the Page Segmentation Algorithms of the OCRopus Document Layout Analysis System (Masters Thesis) (2010)

With the advent of more powerful personal computers, inexpensive memory, and digital cameras, curators around...



Camera Based Image Acquisition for OCR and Other Uses (Undergraduate Research Conference Poster) (with William Grover, Kris Burch, and Josh Johnson) (2010)

A system was developed to acquire images from a digital camera with control coming from...