Eli Arnold is currently the Information Commons Librarian and Assistant Professor of
Library Science at the Horace W. Sturgis Library at Kennesaw State University. He offers
research assistance in a variety of formats and teaches instructional classes at the
request of the faculty to increase information literary and research skills of KSU’s
undergraduate students. Eli also supervises the library's student workforce. 

Before earning his MLIS from Valdosta State University in 2012 and joining the Sturgis
Library in 2013, Eli worked for six years for his undergraduate alma mater Oglethorpe
University in the Office of Admission. While in library school, he served as the
president of the Valdosta State University’s Students of Library and Information Science
(SOLIS) student organization. 



Preserving and Promoting Institutional Heritage: A Descriptive Study of the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference Members’ Archives (2012)

Academic institutions, even small colleges and universities, acknowledge the importance of archives in order to...


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Conference Presentations

Going Pro: Success Stories (with Ashley Dupuy, Casey Long, Oscar Gittemeier, and Traci Drummond), Atlanta Emerging Librarians Quarterly Meeting (2013)

“Going Pro: Success Stories” is the third and final installment of Atlanta Emerging Librarians' 3-part...

Paying It Forward...And Backward (with Rita J. Spisak, Sandra Barclay, Linda Golian-Lui, and Michael Luther), COMO (Georgia Council of Media Organizations) (2013)

Sturgis Library recently started a Mentorship Program concurrently with the hiring of 5 librarians. Paired...


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5 New Librarians + 4 New Parapro + 1 New Brainstorming Tool = 6 Thinking Hats and Tutus in the Library (with Linda M. Golian-Lui, Jennifer Sutcliffe, Ariel Turner, Hyun Chu Kim, Alan Lebish, and Sandra Barclay), COMO 2013 (2013)

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