My research interests and activities focus on two themes: (1) the impact of wet
weather conditions on the resuspension and transport of pollutants in tributaries to
drinking water reservoirs. My approach to this problem is two-fold: a) field sampling and
analysis during rainfall events and b) simulating sediments resuspension during wet
weather conditions in the lab using a particle entrainment simulator. Understanding
resuspension and transport of pollutants during wet weather is a valuable tool to help
water treatment authorities optimize water treatment processes, particularly in response
to the impact of wet weather conditions on water resources. I applied my research on
various pollutants including arsenic, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and trihalomethane

The second theme (2) treatment of water and wastewater using activated carbon. My
approach to this problem is also two-fold: a) experimental evaluation of adsorption of
specific organic contaminants on activated carbon using single and competitive adsorption
models. In this area, my research emphasis was given to selected poly aromatic
hydrocarbons (PAHs) which are potential pollutants found in water and wastewater. Road
runoff is considered one of the primary sources for these types of pollutants. Drinking
water, parking lots and roads runoff are now regulated to the discharge of such
compounds. In my future research I am currently focusing on the prediction of adsorption
of aromatic hydrocarbons onto activated carbon using a docking algorithm in combination
with semi-empirical PM3 calculations. This is a novel approach to predict the adsorption
trends from the calculated enthalpy. 



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