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Substance Abuse Disorders

Gerardo Gonzalez
Rueben Miozzo
Douglas M. Ziedonis, University of Massachusetts Medical School


Citation: Gonzalez, G., Miozzo, R. and Ziedonis, D. Substance Use Disorders. In Rothschild AJ (ed), for the Evidence-Based Guide to Antipsychotic Medications, American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc., Washington, DC, p. 125-144, 2010. ISBN 9781585623662.

Full preview of Chapter 5 available via Google Books.

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Gerardo Gonzalez, Rueben Miozzo, and Douglas M. Ziedonis. "Substance Abuse Disorders" Evidence-Based Guide to Antipsychotic Medications. Ed. Rothschild AJ. Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc., 2010. 125-144.
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