Structured Food Delivery Systems


Structured Emulsion-Based Delivery Systems: Controlling the Digestion and Release of Lipophilic Food Components (with Yan Li), Advances in Colloid and Interface Science (2010)

There is a need for edible delivery systems to encapsulate, protect and release bioactive and...


Lipid digestion, emulsions, confocal microscopy, emulsifier type, in vitro digestion model


Influence of Initial Emulsifier Type on Microstructural Changes Occurring in Emulsified Lipids During in Vitro Digestion (with Eric A. Decker), Food Chemistry (2009)

The purpose of this study was to examine the impact of emulsifier type on the...


No subject area


Modulation of Bulk Physicochemical Properties of Emulsions by Hetero-Aggregation of Oppositely Charged Protein-Coated Lipid Droplets (with Yingyi Mao), Food Hydrocolloids (2011)

This manuscript describes the formation, stability, and properties of colloidal dispersions formed by hetero-aggregation of...


Antiangiogenic effects of citrus Polymethoxyflavones and their derivatives. (with Eric A. Decker, Hang Xiao, and Wasamon Nutakul), Experimental Biology 2011 Annual Meeting (2011)

Chemical Properties of Casein peptide-glucose Maillard Reaction Products and their Effects on Lipid Oxidation in fish Oil-in-Water Emulsions (with Eric A. Decker and Bingcan Chen), Institute of Food Technologist Annual Meeting (2011)