Professor Heiman's research group focuses on several challenging and
technologically important areas: (1) Topological Insulators; (2) Rare-earth-free Magnets;
(3) Spintronic Materials and Devices; (4) Nanodots and Nanowires Composed of Ferromagnets
and Ferromagnetic Semiconductors; and (5) Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) Crystal Growth.
The group's experimental tools include MBE apparatus, magnetotransport and
magneto-optics up to 14 tesla, and SQUID magnetometer. Collaborators include University
of Leeds, Brookhaven National Laboratory, MIT Nanospintronics and Superconductivity Lab,
and The University of Edinburgh. 



Toward tailored functionality of titania nanotube arrays: Interpretation of the magnetic-structural correlations (with Pegah M. Hosseinpour, Eugen Panaitescu, Latika Menon, and Laura H. Lewis), Physics Faculty Publications (2013)

Ordered arrays of titania nanotubes (NTs) are considered as good candidates for photocatalytic applications including...



Nanophase stability in a granular FeRh-Cu system (with Radhika Barua, Felix Jiménez-Villacorta, J. E. Shield, and L. H. Lewis), Chemical Engineering Faculty Publications (2013)

A granular system of FeRh-based nanoprecipitates (∼10–15 nm diameter) embedded in a rapidly solidified copper...



Tuning the magnetostructural phase transition in FeRh nanocomposites (with Radhika Barua, Xiujuan Jiang, Felix Jiménez-Villacorta, J. E. Shield, and L. H. Lewis), Chemical Engineering Faculty Publications (2013)

Effects of nanostructuring on the magnetostructural response of the near-equiatomic FeRh phase were investigated in...



Tailoring the FeRh magnetostructural response with Au diffusion (with M. Loving, M. A. de Vries, F. Jimenez-Villacorta, C. Le Graët, X. Liu, R. Fan, S. Langridge, C. H. Marrows, and L. H. Lewis), Chemical Engineering Faculty Publications (2012)

Factors which contribute to magnetostructural transition control have been demonstrated by study of the effects...



Ferromagnetism in thin-film Cr-doped topological insulator Bi₂Se₃ (with P. P.J. Haazen, J. -B. Laloe, T. J. Nummy, H. J.M. Swagten, P. Jarillo-Herrero, and J. S. Moodera), Physics Faculty Publications (2012)

We report on the observation of ferromagnetism in epitaxial thin films of the topological insulator...




Investigation of electrical transport in hydrogenated multiwalled carbon nanotubes (with Adam L. Friedman, Hyunkyung Chun, Yung Joon Jung, and Latika Menon), U.S. Navy Research (2011)

Highly disordered multiwalled carbon nanotubes of large outer diameter (~60 nm) fabricated by means of...