I received my PhD in 2004 from King’s College, University of London (UK) under the
joint supervision of Richard Sorabji and MM McCabe. The theme of my dissertation was the
role of Aristotle’s concept of phusis (“nature”) in his account of substantial
generation. I began my career at the University of Western Ontario in 2006. My current
work is focused on methodology and inquiry in Ancient philosophy, especially the work of
Plato and Aristotle. I have written on Plato’s method of collection and division,
Aristotle’s account of natural kinds, as well as more general issues concerning realism
about classification. 



CV (2014)


Optimality and Teleology in Aristotle's Natural Science, Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy (2013)


Aristotle's Pluralistic Realism, The Monist (2011)


Organismal Natures, Apeiron: a journal for ancient philosophy and science (2008)

Contributions to Books


The Failure of Evolution in Antiquity, Blackwell Companion to Ancient Science, Medicine and Technology (2014)

Ancient Theories of Causation, The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome (2010)


The Neoplatonic Achilles, The Achilles of Rationalist Psychology (2008)

Unpublished Papers

Book Reviews