Desiree Kozlowski Bachelor of Psychology (1st Class Hons); SCU University Medallist;
APA Scholarship Recipient; PhD Candidate Desiree Kozlowski is currently a Lecturer in
Psychology, School of Health and Human Sciences, Southern Cross University 

Desiree Kozlowski is currently researching the interplay between self-perceived gender
and the perception of the gender of others. I am particularly interested in the
self-referential and context-dependent nature of judgements and behaviour that we
perceive to be objective. I am also interested in the neuro-processing, and other
aspects, of hedonic pleasure. I am also involved, through SCU:RISIR, in research
examining the psychosocial impact of asbestos-related diseases both on individuals with a
diagnosis and on their families, particularly their partner/spouse/carer. I facilitate, which is an on-line, peer-to-peer support network for people
affected by an asbestos-related diagnosis 

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The asbestos narratives: a report into the real impact of an asbestos-related diagnosis on the lives of men and women and their carers (with Jeremy Buultjens, Grant Cairncross, Steve Provost, Suman Sen, Julie Tucker, and Rick van der Zwan), School of Business and Tourism (2014)

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Pleasure is something most of us value very highly. However, although we may spend considerable...


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The movement of an organism typically provides an observer with information in more than one...