Denis Claude is Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Burgundy. He
is a member of the Laboratoire d'Economie et Gestion (LEG: UMR 5118 Université de
Bourgogne & CNRS). 

Denis Claude has carried out several postdoctoral research stays in different prestigious
institutions such as the CNRS - Centre d'Economie de la Sorbonne with Katrin Millock
and the Group for Research in Decision Analysis (GERAD) at HEC Montreal with Georges
Zaccour. In addition, he has spent two years as a Research and Teaching Assistant at the
University of Lyon’s Business and Management School. 

Denis Claude's field of specialisation is environmental economics. He received a
B.A. in Econometrics and a Diploma of Advanced Studies (D.E.A) in Economics and Economic
Calculus from the University of Montpellier I. He completed his Ph.D. in Economics at the
University of Montpellier I in December 2001. 



Regulation of investments in infrastructure: the interplay between strategic behaviors and initial endowments (with Charles Figuieres and Mabel Tidball), Journal of Public Economic Theory (2012)

This paper explores the dynamic properties of price-based policies in a model of competition between...



Efficiency Inducing Taxation in Mixed Oligopolies with Stock Pollutants: An irrelevance result (with Mabel Tidball), Economics Bulletin (2010)

This paper examines the optimal environmental policy in a mixed oligopoly when pollution accumulates over...



Investment in Tourism Market and Reputation (with Georges Zaccour), Journal of Public Economic Theory (2009)

Recent contributions in tourism economics acknowledge that the tourism market is imperfectly competitive and, as...



Tax Differentials and the Segmentation of Networks of Cooperation in Oligopoly (with Hassan Benchekroun), The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics (2007)

This paper studies the effects of uncoordinated environmental tax policies on firms' incentives to form...



Strategic Privatization and Regulation Policy in Mixed Markets (with Jean Hindriks), The Icfai Journal of Managerial Economics (2006)

In this paper we consider mixed oligopoly markets for differentiated goods where private and public...


Contributions to Books


Valuing cooperation and participation : a challenge to standard normative economics, Environmental Cooperation and Institutional Change (2002)

This paper focuses on the economic assessment of environmental policies that rely on the participation...



Concurrence entre collectivités locales et investissement en infrastructures vertes, Programme PUCA/MSH de Dijon: Les approches économiques des dynamiques urbaines (2012)

Présentation de l'article suivant: Claude, Tidball et Figuières (2012), “Regulation of investments in infrastructure :...